Heatmiser have become the UK’s preferred choice for underfloor heating controls.

Our 12v wired and Neo App Controllable System provide home owners and installers with superior control.


Our Geo Location technology uses your SmartPhone GPS to accurately determine your location.

Neo and SmartStat will turn your heating down when you leave home and will have it cozy for when you return.


Heating & Hot Water accounts for more than 80% of your energy usage.

Smart Controls can help reduce your energy usage whilst increasing comfort.


Lutron Hospitality

Hotel ThermostatGUEST BENEFITS

Create a comfortable, inviting environment that allows guests to better appreciate their home away from home.

Intuitive elegance

  1. Same in-room experience anywhere in the world
  2. Bedside and entry keypads provide convenient control
  3. Large buttons on PalladiomTM are easy to use and feature tactile feedback
  4. Dynamic backlighting in Palladiom controls adjusts based on ambient light levels to enhance guest comfort and maintain readability

Comfort and Privacy

  1. Convenient, automated control of draperies/shades at guest’s fingertips
  2. Ultra-quiet motors and smooth performance enhance the guest experience
  3. Provide privacy, reduce glare, or block daylight 
Energy efficiency
  4. Energy-saving controls promote environmental responsibility while enhancing guest comfort
  5. Guest presence detection ensures automated, unobtrusive control


All-in-one solution

  1. Single-provider control of lighting, temperature, and shades ensures seamless integration
  2. Lutron offers solutions for the entire property — from guestrooms to public areas and back-of-house
  3. Lutron products and services deliver a uniform, global experience before, during, and after project installation
  4. Save energy, reduce operating costs, and continue to delight your guests

Offers integration with other hotel systems

  1. myRoomTM plus enables integration with BMS, PMS, door lock, and third-party concierge systems
  2. Leverages Lutron’s extensive experience with commercial and residential systems integration 
Saves energy and reduces costs
  3. myRoom systems automatically reduce both lighting and HVAC energy use in response to room vacancy or occupancy conditions
  4. Integrated shade controls further increase HVAC savings by minimizing solar heat gain


Heatmiser 2


Heating and Cooling contributes between 45% – 65% of a household’s energy consumption. Now you can get your AC and Under-floor heating bills down by allowing our home automation systems to efficiently manage their energy usage. By using sophisticated time-clock schedules that self learn, and by using forecast weather data, your HVAC system can save you money.
Access your air-conditioners or heating systems remotely from your phone in case you forgot something on, or wish to prep the home for your arrival.






Lighting control systems add convenience, security and energy savings to a home.

Always arrive at home with your driveway lights on.

Create house-wide scenes, such as Entertain, or Good night to affect multiple lighting zones with the press of a single button.

When arming your alarm, all lights automatically switch off, and outside lights remain on for a period of time. Likewise, when disarming, a Morning scene detects that it is before sunrise and switched lights on in the house.

The security and outdoor lights can be automatically triggered at Sunset and turned off at sunrise, using built-in astronomical clocks.

Motion sensors can be used in bathrooms and pantries to save energy.

Dimming your lights not only gives you comfortable mood lighting, but also saves energy.

We have been using products from leading manufacturers in lighting control in exclusive homes for more than ten years

We offer our customers a system that works harder and smarter to bring energy savings to their homes without having to sacrifice convenience or comfort.



Imagine the alarm is triggered in the middle of the night. Our system can do the following:

  • Raise the outside flood lights
  • Discretely flash driveway lights to alert armed response vehicles
  • Intelligently display triggered areas on all touch panels
  • Switch on TVs throughout the house and automatically display surveillance feed
  • Automatically lower shutters
  • Access alarms system and surveillance remotely on smart phones and tablets

Our systems better protect you and your loved ones by adding customised intelligence



Now you can watch any video source in every room from a centralised system. Enjoy a Blu-ray movie, Apple TV, Netflix or HD PVR in crystal clear HD. You can even stream them to your smartphone or tablet with cover art and synopsis information.