Heatmiser have become the UK’s preferred choice for underfloor heating controls.

Our 12v wired and Neo App Controllable System provide home owners and installers with superior control.


Our Geo Location technology uses your SmartPhone GPS to accurately determine your location.

Neo and SmartStat will turn your heating down when you leave home and will have it cozy for when you return.


Heating & Hot Water accounts for more than 80% of your energy usage.

Smart Controls can help reduce your energy usage whilst increasing comfort.

smartStat Thermostat

Heatmiser SmartStat is our mains powered WiFi Thermostat providing those with an existing mains powered thermostat with an easy method of upgrading.

  • 230V or 12V Control
  • App Control
  • Geo Location
  • Multi-zone or Stand-alone
  • Share Access
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The New neoAir Thermostat

The Heatmiser neoAir is our multi mode wireless thermostat that is compatible with our UH8-RF and RF Switch Wireless Receivers.

  • Battery operated
  • App Control
  • Stunning Design
  • Self-learning optimum start
  • Easy Installation
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neoStat Thermostat

The Heatmiser neoStat is 230v powered and is the ideal upgrade route for those with an existing mains powered thermostat. neoStat can operate in Timer or Heating Mode and can be used with remote sensors.

  • 230V or 12V Control
  • App Control
  • Geo Location
  • Multi-zone
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Are you ready for your climate control revolution?

An affordable solution for homes of all sizes. Don't wait to reduce your electricity bill...


We focus a great deal on the next generation of products, ensuring that we can incorporate the very latest technology into your home, integrate into other systems, and make it future proof. We welcomE clients and customers to share their ideas with us on our blog.


We partner with various companies and make sure that our top-tier distributorship status affords our clients the very best prices. We truly believe that our direct relationship with end users helps us to develop the feature rich products and services.


We recognise that climate control is a specialised area and not something the average home owner knows a great deal about. Our support team are on-hand to guide end users and our installer partners through the options available and when something doesn’t work as it should, our support team can help troubleshoot ensuring the system is back up and running just a quickly as possible.


Every citizen of this planet has a responsibility to reduce our energy consumption wherever possible. Heating and cooling our homes accounts for up to 70% of our household energy use and so not only does reducing our energy usage make sense for our planet, it’s make financial sense too.

So how does it work?

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