One of the most important aspects of implementing a smart home is to inform the client of what’s possible. The landscape of Smart Homes is changing rapidly, and you want to make sure you not only have the latest, up-to-date tech, but that the design is future proof.
We work with home owners to develop a design brief based around their tailored requirements. We are experienced in working with the main client and their architects, consultants, lighting and interior designers to ensure compatibility and continuity in all aspects of the project.
Our objective is to get a happy client. An informed client is a happy client.


We specialise in designing the most energy-efficient, and up-to-date tech that is available in the world. To that end LightGrid has secured rights as direct importers for our home automation equipment, and have secured vital working relationships with our suppliers and manufactures. Our designs are all tailored to each client. Our technicians can incorporate our designs and electrical drawings into the architect’s dwg files, and furnish the electricians with accurate drawings for cabling and wiring.


One of our core skills is project management. Our team of skilled technicians will take ownership of the project and provide CAD drawings for the onsite electrician and will also supervise them to ensure all cables are properly laid.
Throughout the project, our team will make sure that each aspect of the solution is managed, in accordance with the overall build project, on time and on budget.
We continue to liaise with the client, architect and engineers and will manage all work relating to home automation technology from design through to commissioning.


Once we get started, our commitment and attention to detail will be noticed. We aim to forge good relationships with all subcontractors and aim to help out wherever we can. This is important to get everybody on the same page and create constructive synergy.


All products are covered by manufacturers’ standard warranties, which are normally valid for one year.
However, we can provide a range of extended warranties and planned maintenance schemes to help you protect your investment and give you peace of mind.
If you require additional maintenance or warranty, please let us know and we will include it in our proposal.